Excellence through bespoke services  The CCH helps co-operative housing organisations develop their excellence through our bespoke service delivery. We support our member and other organisations deal with the day to day issues you face, to help you face current challenges as well as making the most of your opportunities. Together we build stronger conditions for our sector to grow and thrive.

CCH Centre of Excellence  CCH Training Programme 2020 for housing co-op members.  For further details, please contact train@cch.coop

Training and support for co-ops  We provide training and support for co-ops that covers the following areas:

  • Legal Duties and Statutory Responsibilities for Management Committee Members
  • The CCH / NHF Code of Governance for Housing Co-operatives
  • Performance Management & Delegation
  • Complying with the Regulatory Framework
  • The Regulatory Consumer Standards
  • Budget Setting and Financial Management
  • Risk Management
  • Business Planning

These can either be delivered in ‘bite size’ workshop sessions or half / full day sessions.  We can provide training on site (at your co-op) or at an alternative venue if you prefer.  If you have any training needs that are not listed above, please get in touch to find out more about our bespoke services.

CCH charges £80 + VAT per hour for its training services.  In certain circumstances it will be necessary for us to charge additional costs, such as course preparation, travel and overnight accommodation, depending on the training required.  You will need to be a CCH member organisation to access our training as this is part of our service offer.

To discuss your training, development and other support needs, please get in touch with us on info@cch.coop

Reviews and development for mutuals  The CCH carries out reviews and development work and provides other support to mutual and other similar housing organisations.  We have worked with housing organisations to develop mutuality, tenant and resident involvement, governance and other areas.

Developing new co-operative homes  The CCH provides support services to communities, local authorities, housing associations and others who wish to develop new co-operative homes.  We can assist with early visualisation of new schemes; business planning and working out appropriate tenures and models to meet the needs of partners; working out how the co-operative aspect of new schemes can work; pointing to how founder members of new co-op schemes can be identified; and working with founder members to shape new co-ops and mutuals.

The CCH / NHF Code of Governance for Housing Co-operatives assists co-ops to put governance principles into practice.  Governance is about defining the goals and standards of organisations and ensuring effective management and other structures to achieve those goals and standards whilst enabling viability and compliance with the law, regulations and constitutions.

Accreditation for Co-operative Service Providers  The CCH’s accreditation system for service providers aims to ensure the quality of services provided to housing co‐ops by specialist secondary co-ops, housing associations and individual consultants.  Our accreditation system gives comfort to housing co‐ops that accredited service providers  are effective and have a full knowledge and experience of how to work with them, particularly in relation to meeting Regulatory Standards for those co‐ops registered with the Social Housing Regulator.