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About the CCH

Most...Co-ops outperformed their Local Authority and Housing Association counterparts and provided more effective housing management services with usually better value for money.

Tenant Management Organisations also delivered some wider non-quantifiable social and community benefits.

The most effective Tenant Management Organisations were those whose members had greatest control over their housing management, finances and environment.

Quotes from Price Waterhouse's housing research report 'Tenants in Control: An Evaluation of Tenant-led Housing Management Organisations', commissioned by the Department of the Environment.

Our aims are

Since 1993

The Confederation of Co-operative Housing was constituted in the United Kingdom in 1993. CCH membership is open to all housing co-operatives, tenant-controlled housing organisations and regional federations of housing co-ops.

In creating a national confederation of housing co-operatives, the CCH recognises that there are many differing views across the country and the CCH attempts to reach a broad consensus from these views.

Tenant controlled housing

Tenant controlled housing, while providing value for money in terms of management costs, also provides significant other non-quantifiable benefits to the community, such as increased tenant satisfaction, greater involvement and pride in the community, enhanced training and employment opportunities, and a greater degree of enfranchisement for tenants.

Autonomy and control

The CCH believes that the greater the degree of autonomy and control within housing co-ops, the more effective they will be at providing benefits. Therefore the CCH believes that full control of housing should be available to all groups of tenants, and will campaign to make that achievable.


The CCH is a non-party-political organisation. However the CCH, while welcoming the 'stakeholding' principles introduced by the present administration, is concerned that these principles might not lead to genuine support for co-operatives, who have been successfully practising 'stakeholding' for a long time.

Funding for the future

While the CCH is committed to seeking funding for the development of ownership co-ops from a variety of public and private sources, we are deeply concerned by the low levels of support given to ownership co-ops since the 1988 Housing Act. We are also concerned about the future of the 'Right to Manage' legislation, and therefore the future of Tenant Management Organisations, and other tenant controlled housing.

The CCH believes that housing co-ops will only thrive if there is funding available for training for members, and if there are support agencies from which they can receive specialist advice.


The CCH will campaign as widely as possible to promote the development of housing co-ops. The CCH hold seats on the United Kingdom Co-operative Council and on the National Housing Federation's Co-ops Standing Group. It has, and will continue to seek, contact with politicians of all parties.

Joining the CCH

If your co-op is interested in joining the CCH as a member, you can read all about it and download the application form here.

Articles of Association,
Memorandum of Association

You can download the Articles of Association of the CCH (as amended by Special Resolution 27th June 1998 and by Special Resolution 23rd March 2003) and the Memorandum of Association (as amended by Special Resolution 27th June 1998).

[MS Word icon] Download Articles of Association (MS Word .doc file, 79 Kb)

[MS Word icon] Download Memorandum of Association (MS Word .doc file, 39 Kb)

The Confederation of Co-operative Housing Ltd. is registered in England and Wales as a company limited by guarantee - Registration Number 328 488 4.