Housing Co-operatives
Housing co-ops come in many shapes and sizes; they are in different locations; they own different types of homes; they house different groups of people; they vary from the very small through to co-ops with more than 500 properties; they have different “Governing Body” arrangements (some governed by general meeting; some by management committees; some are fully mutual; some are non-mutual); they deliver services in different ways (some through the voluntary input of members – some through directly employed staff – some through external service providers – and permutations of all three). There is no right and wrong way that a co-op should do any of these things. Therefore, the accreditation system is not about prescribing in detail how things should be done. It is about looking at how a co-op has considered the issues it needs to consider and how it has made informed and democratic decisions that deliver the best solutions for governing the co-op and delivering services.

Service Providers
Various organisations provide services to housing co‐ops, from specialist secondary co‐ops, through to housing associations and individual consultants. However, because when people become members of housing co‐ops, they rarely have the all the necessary skills and knowledge, the relationship between housing co‐ops and the organisations providing services can never be just a straightforward customer relationship. Whilst the core of the relationship is basic ‐ housing management services necessary to keep properties well managed and maintained ‐ housing co‐ops often require additional support on business planning, member involvement and empowerment, governance, good practice, legal and regulatory guidance, and sometimes on facilitating housing co‐op identity, skills and confidence.

The primary aims of the accreditation system for service providers is to ensure the quality of services provided to housing co‐ops, and to give comfort to housing co‐ops that organisations that are accredited to provide services are effective and have a full knowledge and experience of how to work with housing co‐ops, particularly in relation to meeting Regulatory Standards for those co‐ops registered with the Social Housing Regulator.

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