Mission Statement
The CCH promotes the excellent work done by co‑operative and mutual housing organisations. We foster communication between our members and serve the sector, campaigning for quality co-operative solutions to meet housing need in England and Wales.

Our key strategic aims for 2015-18 are:

To serve the co-operative and mutual housing sector by:

  • encouraging more organisations to have become CCH member organisations and use our services
  • providing cost effective governance and other training opportunities for co-operative and mutual housing that are valued by our members
  • providing a suite of policy templates and other model documents, best practice guidance, and information updates to support our members’ activities
  • establishing our accreditation scheme for primary co-operatives and their service providers as a means of supporting their governance, efficiency and service quality
  • supporting our members in other ways that will enhance their effectiveness and value for money

To foster communications between CCH members by enabling greater numbers of our member organisations to network with us and with each other nationally and regionally

To campaign for quality co-operative & mutual housing solutions by:

  • being recognised as an effective lobbying organisation for the co‑operative and mutual housing sector
  • developing a framework which will lead to the growth of co‑operative and mutual housing solutions