Welsh rural communities doing it for themselves

The challenges of building enough affordable homes for people in rural Wales are well known. A new report "The potential for Community Land Trusts (CLTs) in Wales" outlines how community-led approaches could free up sites for affordable homes that otherwise would not be built. Recently published by the Wales Co-operative Centre, the Confederation of Co-operative Housing and the National CLT Network, the report focuses on innovative work done by Grwp Cynefin, Gwynedd Borough Council and Snowdonia National Park Authority to explore and incubate a borough wide CLT.

[PDF icon] The Potential for CLT in Wales
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[Word icon] The Potential for CLT in Wales - Appendices
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CCH 21th Annual Conference 2014: Lotsa steam and funny moustaches!

CCH Conference 2013

11th to 13th July 2014 at the Chancellor's Hotel, Manchester University

A time of challenge and change. How we maintain our co-ops in times of austerity and cuts in welfare benefits. How we refresh and renew our committees. How we use the assets we have built up over the years to enable the co-operative housing sector to move forward. All challenging questions.

A time of opportunity. New co-operative housing as a result of Welsh Government activity. Interest from the Greater London Authority and some stirrings in the UK Government. Lots of interest in communities, local authorities and housing associations.

Is the next generation of co-operative housing waiting to be built?

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New co-operative and community-led homes

The Confederation of Co-operative Housing, with the support of national English and Welsh housing and co-operative organisations, is pleased to announce the launch of a new guide on developing new co-operative and community-led homes. It is a basic guide for community groups, local authorities, housing associations, housing co-operatives and others who are interested in exploring the developing of new co-operative and community-led homes. [Read more]

HCA fees consultation submission

The Homes and Communities Agency is consulting on whether and how they might charge fees to Registered Provider landlords (including co-ops) for regulation. This is the CCH's submission to that consultation.

[PDF icon] CCH submission to the HCA "charging fees" consultation
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CCH Submission to the Lyons Housing Review

CCH Submission to the Lyons Housing Review - charged with identifying how 250,000 homes will be built/resourced each year to meet housing need. We identify that at least some of these homes should be co-operative and we particularly discuss the work being done in Wales by Welsh communities, local authorities and housing associations (with the support of the Welsh Government and the CCH) to develop co-operative housing as being indicative of what could and should be happening in England. [Download]

CCH Membership Consultation 2014

This is a summary consultation report from the CCH membership consultation carried out in 2013. The report summarises what the 72 housing co-ops and 18 other organisations consulted have told us and what we are planning to do to respond. Better member communication and CCH structures that enable this are key themes. [Download]

Resolving Complaints Locally

[04-03-2013] CCH and The National Tenant Organisations have launched their Resolving Complaints Locally guide aimed at "designated persons" tenant panels, councillors and MPs. Get the PDF here.